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Ruddy Daniels
Job Title Owner
Company Main Street Magazines Ottawa
Description Digital Marketing and Advertising
Business Category in CBA Digital Marketing and Advertising
Business Address 3026 Dumaurier Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K2B 8J2
Mailing Address 3026 Dumaurier Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K2B 8J2


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Description of Business


The impact of content marketing: Content marketing is very different than other forms of marketing and in some respects, more powerful. You can take your content marketing and send it directly to the right people. There is no limit to the number of people to whom you send your materials either. Because of the nature of the Internet and the way that you transmit information, your business can essentially sell your offerings around the clock (24/7). Remember, content marketing focuses on providing practical and relevant information to current and potential customers. Rather than a hard sell for your products and services, you assume the role of trusted advisor, leveraging your expertise and domain knowledge to provide readers with insight and useful advice.

The Facts: Many businesses already use content marketing. "Blogs, email newsletter, podcasts, social media posts, webinars and white papers are all forms of content marketing. People buy from people they know, like and trust. Referrals are based on this same premise. What better way for businesses to promote each other to their respective customers than by sharing your network amongst those that you know like and trust. You can provide value added service that will educate, entertain, engage, and delight your existing and potential customers.

You can 'Do More'...
Main Street Magazines Ottawa produces content driven digital magazines in niche markets - Healthy Living, House Keys, and Business Dynamics! Through email partnerships with other like but non competitive partners we help businesses maintain 'Top of Mind Status' for when your existing and potential customers are ready to buy. Each magazine is exclusive to one business type, you not only have a valuable customer retention and referral tool in addition you have a growing distribution due to each Partner sharing the magazine to their audience and social media!

Increase revenue, Decrease expenses, Increase profitability & efficiency. Include audio, video and live links to social media.

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