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Ben Alexander
Job Title Jeweller
Company Goldform Jewellers
Business Category in CBA Jeweller
Address 161 Holland Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Y2
Telephone 613-725-2210
Fax 613-725-3257
Web Site
e-mail address

GOLDFORM MANUFACTURING JEWELLERS LTD., was founded almost 40 years ago.

GOLDFORM is a full service jewellery store that offers repair, re-design, modification and maintenance to our clients. It has a fully stocked show room of new pieces and specializes in the re-design and re-use of old and existing pieces of jewellery.

GOLDFORM provides free cleaning and inspection of jewellery, while you wait, and provides free estimates for repair or designs.

GOLDFORM provides many unique services, including:

  • Re-use of jewellery material and design of existing jewellery;
  • Jewellery repairs, modifications and design;
  • Computer Aided Design or design for hand engraved pieces;
  • Jewellery appraisals, diamond certification and verification;
  • Conflict-free/Canadian and non-Canadian gemstone and/or diamond selection
  • Watch repairs and refurbishing
  • Clock repairs
  • Eye-frame repairs
  • Stone polishing
  • Pearl re-stringing
With over 100 years of combined experience, GOLDFORM takes great pride in their on-site quality work, providing honest, courteous and quick service.

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