Capital Business Association, Ottawa, Canada

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Andre Martin
Job Title Lawyer
Company Mann & Partners LLP
Business Category in CBA Legal Services
Telephone 613.722.1500
Fax 613.722.7677
Web Site Mann & Partners
e-mail address
Description: Mann Lawyers LLP is a full service firm providing a broad range of legal services to a diverse clientele, both individuals and businesses. Areas of specialty include family and business law, commercial and residential real estate, personal injury, litigation, condo development, wills and estate planning, employment law, bankruptcy and more. Due to the firm’s unwavering commitment to provide top-quality work for every client, it is no surprise that this firm’s lawyers are regarded as leaders across the National Capital Region, due in part to their steadfast efforts to support a range of not-for-profit organizations, arts initiatives and other community activities. If you need a lawyer or if you are unsure if you need a lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact Mann Lawyers at 613.722.1500. If the issue isn’t part of their area of expertise, they will refer you to someone who has the same values and commitment as they do!