Capital Business Association (cBa) Ottawa, Canada

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Photo Gallery

Annual Christmas Brunch at the Brookstreet Hotel
December, 2017.

Arkadi and Galina Abramovitch

Ben and Kristine Alexander

Sue Lebrun and Peter Maheux

Cathy and Mario Polombo

Emilie Lapointe, Ezra and Dave Pritchard

Irene Fronc and Andre Martin

Justin and Krista Claros

Susan and Dan Burnett

MaryLynne Geddes and Randy Maguire

Patrick and Sabine Couture

Penny and George Michalopoulos

Peter Maheux and Sue Lebrun

Samantha and Bob Nemchin

Robert Borden and Ted Mann

Hanukkah Harry With Silly Swap Gifts
Annual Christmas Brunch at the Brookstreet Hotel, December, 2016.

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